Pamella S. Gronemeyer, MD

Curriculum Vitae – Pamella S. Gronemeyer, MD


Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist – Director


  • Red Bud Regional, Red Bud, Illinois (formerly St.Clement Hospital)
  • St.Joseph’s Hospital, Highland, Illinois
  • St.Joseph’s Hospital, Breese, Illinois
  • Community Hospital, Staunton, Illinois
  • St. Francis Hospital, Litchfield, Illinois
  • Alton Memorial Hospital, Alton,Illinois
  • Marshall Browning Hospital, DuQuoin, Illinois
  • Pinckneyville Community Hospital, Pinckneyville, Illinois
  • Washington County Hospital, Nashville, Illinois


  • 1970-1973: Washington University, A.B.
  • 1973-1975: St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (transferred)
  • 1975-1977: Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, M.D.
  • 1977-1978: New England Deaconess Hospital, Harvard Medical School Hospitals, Boston, Massachusetts, Pathology
  • 1978-1980: Jewish Hospital, Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri, Pathology
  • 1980-1981: Cardinal Glennon Hospital, St. Louis University Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri, Pathology
  • May 1981: American Board of Pathology, Anatomic and Clinical
  • January 2000: Recertified American Board of Pathology, voluntary, ten years- Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • November 25,2002: Certified by the Medical Review Officer Council (MROCC) as a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) from 11/25/2002-11/25/2008


  • New England Medical Center, Tufts University Medical School, Boston, July 1976
  • Childrens’ Hospital Medical Center, Harvard Medical School Hospitals, Boston, August 1976


  • American Society of Clinical Pathology; Wagih Bari (St. Louis Pathology) Society- Past President;
  • Tufts Alumni Association; College of American Pathologists; American Medical Association; American Society of Microbiology; American Association of Blood Banks;
  • Clinical Laboratory Managers’ Association; American Association of Clinical Chemistry.


  • 1981 – 1982: Pathologist – Southern Illinois Medical Business Associates, Collinsville, Illinois
  • 1981 – 1989: Staff Pathologist – St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Granite City, Illinois
  • 1989 – 1995: Laboratory Director – St.Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Granite City, Illinois
  • 1984 – 1989: Staff Pathologist – St. Clement Hospital, Red Bud, Illinois
  • 1991 – Present Coroner’s Pathologist- Madison County, Illinois
  • 1991- 1997-Laboratory Director-LabCorps Port-Effingham, Illinois
  • 1991 – Present: Laboratory Director – Touchette Regional Hospital, Centreville, Illinois
  • 1993 – Present: Provide locum tenens coverage for Dr. William Drake at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Breese, Illinois, Community Memorial Hospital-Staunton, Illinois, St. Francis Hospital, Litchfield, Illinois
  • 1993 – Present: Laboratory Director – St. Clement Hospital, Red Bud, Illinois
  • 1993 – 2000-Laboratory Director – Wood River Township Hospital, Wood River, Illinois (Hospital closed in July, 2000)
  • 1996- Present-:Provide vacation coverage for Alton Pathology Associates, Alton Memorial Hospital, Alton, Illinois
  • 1997- Present- Pathologist -Effingham Ambulatory Surgery Center, Effingham, Illinois
  • 1998 – Present – Crossroads Community Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Illinois
  • 1999- Present: Laboratory Director- St.Joseph – Hospital , Highland, Illinois
  • 2000- Present Provide locum tenens coverage for Dr. Deshpande at St, Mary’s Hospital, East St. Louis, Illinois
  • 2001- Present- Pathologist at Washington County Hospital, Nashville, Illinois; Pinckneyville Community Hospital, Pinckneyville, Illinois; and Washington County Community Hospital,Nashville, Illinois
  • 2004- Present- Pathologist at Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital, East St. Louis, Illinois


  • AIDS Education – work actively on Madison County Aids Task Force; given many educational talks AIDS to various community groups. Have contributed articles to local newspapers on AIDS.
  • Female Health Care – have spoken to groups including St. Louis Association of Microbiologists on sexually transmitted disease. Have participated in community education projects on women’s health care.
  • Infection Control – served as chairman of Infection Control at St. Elizabeth Medical Center since 1983. Have spoken to groups about Hepatitis B epidemic, OSHA, and HIV infection. Currently serve as chairman of infection control committees at Touchette, Wood River, and St. Clement Hospitals.
  • CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program – Have served as CAP inspector since 1990. Active interest in being current on accreditation issues, total quality management techniques, and challenges of current health care environment including laboratory consolidations and managed care.
  • Medical Staff Quality Assurance – Have served on executive committee and as medical staff officer at Wood River Township Hospital, Touchette Regional, and Crossroads Hospital
  • Have given numerous talks in October 2001 about Bioterrorism to hospital staffs and community.


  • J.D. Blair and P.S. Gronemeyer: Congenital Coronary Arteries and Arterioventricular Fistulae and Right-Sided Cardiac Malformations A perspective on etiology and Pathogenesis, Arch Dis Child 5:483, 1976
  • E.T. Hedley-Whyte and P.S. Gronemeyer: Unilateral Hypoxic-ischemic Leukoencephalopathy, J. Neuropathology and APPL Neurobiology 5:81, 1979


  • P.S. Gronemeyer, A.S. Weissfeld, and A.C. Sonnenwirth: Corynebacterium Group JK Infection In a Patient with an Epicardial Pacemaker. American Journal Clinical Pathology 74:838-842, 1980
  • P.S. Gronemeyer and E.T. Hedley-Whyte: Unilateral Hypoxic-ischemic Leukoencephalopathy. Human Pathology 13:281-282, 1982
  • P.S. Gronemeyer and H. Chaplin, V. Ghazarian, F. Tuscany and G.D. Wilner: Hemolytic Anemia Complicating Infections Mononucleosis due to the Interaction of an IgG ANTI-I and IgM Cold Rheumatoid Factor. Transfusion 21:95, 1981
  • P.S. Gronemeyer and A.S. Weissfeld: Purulent Pericarditis Due to C. tropicalis American Journal Clinical Pathology 77:471-475, 1982
  • P.S. Gronemeyer and D.E. Demello: Takayasu’s Disease with Aneurysm of Right Common Iliac Artery and Ilio-caval Fistula in a Young Infant. Case report and review of the literature. Pediatrics 69:626-631, 1982


  • J.D. Blair and P.S. Gronemeyer: Congenital Coronary Arteries and Arterioventricular Fistulae and Right-Sided Cardiac Malformations; A perspective on etiology and pathogenesis; Abstract, Annual meeting of Pathology Society, 1975.
  • E.T. Hedley-Whyte and P.S. Gronemeyer: Unilateral Hypoxic-ischemic Leukoencephalopathy; Annual meeting of British Society of Neuropathology, 1978.


  • Robert Klutts – President – Southern Illinois Health Care Foundation, Centerville, Illinois
  • Greg Sims – CEO, Crossroads Community Hospital, Mount Vernon, Illinois
  • Claudio Forte- CEO St.Joseph’s Hospital . Highland, Illinois
  • Nancy Newby-CEO Washington County Hospital, Nashville,Illinois
  • Dr. Paul Stromsdorfer – Pathologist, St. Anthony’s Hospital, Alton, Illinois
  • Dr. David Walters Obstetrician/ Gynecologist – Mount Vernon Illinois
  • Dr. William Drake – Pathologist – St. Francis Hospital, Litchfield, Illinois
  • LeAnn Bales – Administrator – Effingham Ambulatory Surgery and Treatment Center, Effingham, Illinois
  • Dr. Jose Diaz- Highland, Illinois